Ever since astounding audiences and critics with her breakthrough performance in David Lynch's award winning "Mulholland Drive" for which she received an Alma Award, Laura Harring has been one of Hollywood's most versatile stars.

The International Herald Tribune compared Harring to Ava Gardner and film critic, Roger Ebert likened her to Rita Hayworth. At the Cannes Film Festival the "Nice Matin" compared the sensation Laura caused, to the sensation Marilyn Monroe caused when she first appeared.

Laura Harring

Born in a small town in Mexico, Laura or "Laurita" as her family called her, grew up an extremely shy and reclusive young girl, but bounced back quickly and turned out to be an outgoing, charming and fun young lady! At 5 years old, he jumped in feet first to an play an angel in the Christmas play "The Nativity Story".
In her teens, Laura went abroad to study at the prestigious boarding school, Aiglon College in Switzerland. One of the top 3 high schools in the world, where she graduated with an Academic Diploma. It was here that Laura met the brother of her future husband of 2 years, Count Carl von Bismarck, before having an amicable separation to pursue her dream of becoming a versatile, artistic actor. 

After graduation, Laura pursued her passion to travel, taking on the task of becoming a social worker in India, where she performed manual labor work, including building schools, planting trees and carrying heavy rocks to fix the soil erosion problem, that hit the foothills of the Himalayas at the time.

Laura HarringAfter her "Mulholland Drive" hit, Laura starred opposite John Travolta in Marvel Comic's action film, "The Punisher". She played Livia Saint, a dark, wicked, and deadly strong head of the mob wife, shortly after, she played the mystery in the  Warner Brothers feature "Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills" starring alongside Emma Roberts for director Andrew Fleming and producer Jerry Weintraub. Her role Dehlia Dreycott, a famous movie star of the 70's, was described as breathtaking beautiful and mysterious.

A year later, she shined opposite Javier Bardem in New Line's "Love in the Time of Cholera" written by Nobel Prize Winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and directed by Mike Newell. A true artist, Laura gained 30 pounds for her role of Sara Noriega.

Versatility her specialty, Harring's film credits include: "John Q" with Denzel Washington, "The King" opposite William Hurt, and "The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory," opposite the legendary Raul Julia. All Oscar nominated or winners, Laura always held her own.

She stole our hearts with the heartfelt and real performance of a suburban mom in the HBO feature "Walkout," directed by Edward James Olmos. It was based on the true story of the 60's injustice in the school system of East Los Angeles. Also on television, Harring was featured on Season 5 of FX's critically acclaimed hit series, "The Shield" as Becca Doyle, a defense attorney who willingly commits to pro bono cases, for people she feels are redeemable. Laura played opposite another Oscar nominated actor, Forrest Whittaker. Last season, Laura co-starred as Ed Westwick's mother Season 3 of "Gossip Girl". 

David Lynch honored her femme fatale character from "Mulholland Drive" in "Inland Empire." Another dark and mysterious abstract film of the masterful director. Opposite Frank Langella and Elliott Gould, Harring co-starred in "The Caller" which won the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival's "Made In New York Best Narrative Feature Film Award" playing the "The Sophisticated Lady" a classical jazz singer. 

Last year, Laura won 2009 Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film, at Outfest for the dark comedy "Drool" a movie in the vein of "Sideways" or "Little Miss Sunshine". Also she won Special Mention Female at the Gasparilla International Film Festival for the same film. Some of her other awards include The Golden Eagle Award and a Jordi.  

Laura is the Goodwill Ambassador to the David Lynch Foundation, who raises funds to help teach meditation to under privileged students. She has been an Ambassador to "Children Uniting Nations" and in 2008 went on a road trip to Africa with "Stop Hunger Now".

Laura's passions include Argentine tango and salsa dancing, world travel and Commedia Dell' Arte. She resides in Los Angeles, and New York.